Professional wedding photography helps couples get the opportunity to reminisce and cherish their marriage memories even after a long time. Couples can, therefore, choose from various styles of wedding photography in a bid to ensure that the outcome of the event suits their lifestyle and taste. Here is a list of the most common photography styles:


Journalistic wedding photography is a storytelling method of shooting photos without the photographer having to alter or influence the story. The photographers allow the events to unfold themselves and only uses their creativity in capturing and interpreting the breathtaking moments of the event through photography. This style tends to be more modern since you don’t have to pose for the pictures, and it captures all the moments of your wedding including behind the scenes. It suits you best if you want to capture the moments you will be spending with your relatives and other guests.

Traditional style

The photographer has more involvement in this form of photography since he coordinates and guides the wedding couple to pose for the pictures. It is considered to be classic since the photographs are taken in a series of setups. The style consists of individual portraiture, groups shots, and various scenes including the wedding cake. The professional focuses on adjusting the poses and mainly aims at capturing the bridal party, family members, friends among other guests.

Fine-art photography

This style is usually led by the artist (photographer) in producing quality wedding photos. The intervention of the professional depends on the type of the photographer. In most cases, it involves creative backgrounds, angles and the use of uniquely sophisticated technologies. The biggest role of the photographer is to look for the best scenes where the photos will be taken from since this style best suits those people who want to show their lifestyle. The primary goal of this style of photography is to create great masterpieces of fine art and creativity. Mostly, the professional’s focus is on family members and relatives.

Fashion wedding photography

The emphasis on this wedding photography style is usually on the couple and the attire. The clothing and other fashion items displayed are for commercial purposes, and thus the use of unique photography techniques. Some of these techniques include the use of controlled light and off camera lighting, unique fashion poses and expressions and picturesque backgrounds. The main aim of fashion wedding photography is to produce a unique and exceptional record of your wedding day since the professionals try their best to ensure that no two events look similar to the other.

Apart from being impressive, all the mentioned wedding photography styles are distinct. As a couple, you can choose the best that suits you and one that will make your wedding more memorable and extraordinary. Make sure you can have the true dream wedding you’ve always wanted, and save up before your big day. Try a gold investing program or rollover plan to begin saving now. Visit Capital IRA Partners for more info.

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